Autorenlesung in englischer Sprache: Routine Matters

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In the midst of a mid-life crisis and following a modest Lotto win, Nat Wilson decides to embark on an experiment which involves living in three different countries over a period of three years, free from the rat race and restraints of working life.
His aim: to make a new start, find himself and write a book. Nat, however, has underestimated his obsession with the past, the frightening unpredictability of life and the effects of the relentless passing of time. He marches through his final years in a roller coaster journey of false starts and chance encounters which create both agony and ecstasy. His plan to create routines to navigate his way through life is thwarted again and again. We may conclude, perhaps, that John Lennon was right when he suggested: ‘Life is something that happens when you’re making other plans.’

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Neil Deane
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Neil Deane
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